Print/E-Commerce Retargeting
A collective approach to optimizing brand spend
Understanding the obstacles
This iconic museum of fine art relies on digital media and direct mail to expand their brand beyond gallery walls and exhibitions. Their highly innovative marketing team needed a partner who could help develop and execute new methods to reach their audience in memorable and cost-effective ways.
We’ll take it from here
Kodi has evolved right along with the museum. Since 2010, we’ve worked together to produce millions of printed catalogs each year, later expanding into still and on-model photography, pre-media, retouching and web offset printing in support of their store catalog.

Our collaboration doesn’t stop there. Kodi’s deep understanding of the USPS postal system combined with our cooperative mail capabilities enables the museum to reach its audience for the lowest postage rates possible, saving over $100,000 in 2022 on postage alone. That’s a vital win for this budget-conscious, non-profit organization.
Creating success
Kodi’s latest evolution with the museum is helping to improve ecommerce revenue by utilizing print retargeting to boost on-line store purchases. First, we monitor activity in their online store, tracking search interests and abandoned shopping cart items. Then, we match customer-provided email addresses to physical USPS addresses, and mail those customers product-specific postcards within 2 business days. Imagine looking at an art reprint online one day and then receiving a postcard reminder later that week. That’s what Kodi can do for you.


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Print retargeting
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